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The Eyelash Extension Experience



1. Arrival and Cleansing: Cleanse your eyes before arrival using an oil free cleanser. If needed use only an oil free moisturizer. No makeup on face upon arrival. (Remove contacts if wearing)


2. Client Consultation/Intake Form: Discuss the look you want, eye health & history, review what was done during past appointments.


3. Relaxation: Lay on the spa table, get comfortable, relax, listen to music of your choosing.


4. Eye Preparation and Photos: Eye pads & pore tape are used to prepare your eyes, photos are taken prior to this upon approval.


5. Primer Application: Your existing lashes will be cleaned & primed in preparation for extension application. if needed a thorough lash shampoo or cleansing (keep in mind this takes away from application time if not clean upon arrival).


6. Eyelash Extension Application: Synthetic lashes (faux mink or silk) are carefully bonded to each of your individual natural lashes.


7. Sealant Application and Curing: Lashes are brushed, fanned, and cured to ensure a strong bond.


8. Photos and Reveal: After photos are taken, you can admire your glamorous self in the mirror!


9. Lash Care Review: Review how to properly care for your lashes between appointments verbally, on website, & or handout.


10. Reschedule and Enjoy: Save time by pre-booking your next touch-up and ensure you get an apt that works with your schedule. Note* (Im booked 2 weeks in advance). Smile, and take on your day with beauty and confidence!

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